nipples 2 Levels: The Game

this is a simple platformer with mario and other retro characters

nipples Super Wonderful Mario

a brutally difficult platformer game (warning: very hard)

nipples Cup Rescue Sim

a brutally difficult platformer game (warning: very hard)

nipples Pokemon Beige Version

a funny pokemon RPG

nipples 1 Level: The Game

a very difficult platformer; you have to right-click and zoom in on your character to be able to see what you are doing (warning: everyone hates this game)

nipples Dolphin World

tumblr SJWs need you to collect ten sea gems to finish their latest video! can you help them (you play as a dolphin)

nipples Cool Game

a clicking game where you move around the streets of Tokyo answering questions (I took all the Tokyo photos myself!)

nipples North Korea's Mentalest Geezers

a short game where you are given a tour of Pyongyang by Danny Dyer

nipples Revolution 60

move your llama around a small town collecting childrens' fingers. you have to collect all ten fingers to beat the game!

nipples Dog Rescue Sim

three level platformer where you play as Wario who has to rescue a dog! warning: this game is old and low quality

nipples WoofBro

a hilarious RPG where you are a dog who has to solve various puzzles to rescue a kidnapped Bailey Jay princess!

nipples The Most Wonderful Game

a challenging shooter game! if you enjoy such games as R-Type and Cho Aniki you will like this

nipples Gordon Ramsay's Pokemon Challenge

this is another Pokemon RPG. There are 70 Pokemon to collect; if you can find more than fifty you get a prize, but if you find all 70 you get the secret prize!

nipples Hen Fast Hen Furious

a space invaders tribute game where you are steering a car moving fast while shooting! kill all ten thousand invaders to beat the game

nipples Clip-Clop the Banter Horse

can you help Clip-Clop answer ten questions and win A PRIZE

nipples Super Zooming Cyber Cars Game

drive two cars at once and collect pills until you get a million points

nipples Audrey Roberts Racer

steer a car to collect one billion pink diamonds and win a prize

nipples GUNDONK

kill aliens and collect gems to get 10,000 points and WIN!

nipples The Mask: The Musical: The Game

a platform shooter similar to GUNDONK with more variety

nipples Sheriff Handbag

a quiz game like no other (forty questions total)

nipples Sexy Office Game 3

a point and click game (NSFW)

nipples MHORKF

a most brilliant jumping challenge

Sometimes people make videos of themselves playing these games. Here are some:

WasabiPeanut plays YurgenBurgen's games
VMeanity plays 2 Levels: The Game
VMeanity plays Super Wonderful Mario
TreeTrunkGaming plays Pokemon Beige Version
Wessel33 plays Pokemon Beige Version
C Block plays Pokemon Beige Version
PokeManiac Dazmo plays Pokemon Beige Version
Neighbourhood Spinarak plays Pokemon Beige Version
Chrisnonymous plays Pokemon Beige Version
The Phantom At The Games plays Pokemon Beige Version (Spanish)
Tarcio Gammer plays Cup Rescue Sim (Spanish)
LaMugreESP plays Pokemon Beige Version (Spanish)
Flash Freaks play Pokemon Beige Version
Showard Gaming plays Pokemon Beige Version
Zane Lear plays Cool Game
Senty plays Dog Rescue Sim (part 1)
Senty plays Dog Rescue Sim (part 2)
Senty plays Dog Rescue Sim (part 3)
Игорян Гамацкий plays Revolution 60 (Russian)
Игорян Гамацкий plays 2 Levels: The Game (Russian)
Игорян Гамацкий plays WoofBro (Russian)
Fatal Desire plays Revolution 60 (German)
TheFirstZombieClutch plays Revolution 60

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